Win-tech Australia  introduces the Deceuninck sliding windows and sliding doors systems, designed to achieve an optimum insulation factor. 

The front closing and interlocking profiles of these sliding windows and doors are produced with TPE gaskets in order to improve insulation. These systems have been designed to accept up to 28mm of glass for better insulation. 

When compared with materials like wood/aluminium, the PVC of these sliding windows and doors causes a significant reduction in heat loss, and as a result, buildings fitted with PVC windows and doors require less heating and so emissions are reduced. The double glaze applications of these systems maximize sound  isolation with air space of up to 19 mm between flat glasses.

All  Deceuninck PVC windows and doors profiles are remarkably low maintenance materials. This means that there will be no issues with flaking, fading, rusting or rotting in years to come. All that's needed is an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.