Whelan Industries  is a manufacturer of wall mountable and under sink water boiling units. The Whelan Timberboil is technologically designed and trendy wall-mountable type water unit. The Whelan Timberboil has an in-built programmable timer with on and off systems. These settings will dispense boiling water only when need.

As per the settings, the water unit will switch off automatically, which is ideal for weekends. It saves considerable amount of standby energy. The Whelan Timberboil's water temperature is monitored by its solid state temperature controller.

Timber boil also contains the sensitivity of 0.1'C and accuracy within 0.5'C of setpoint temperature. On request, Whelan Industries also provides additional outlets with powder coated steel casing, swivel extension arms, filter, stainless steel finishes etc.

Another product from Whelan Industries is Econoboil or Thermoboil, which has its unique traditional boiling water technology of wall-mountable type. Econoboil has non-drip outlet, automatic and steamfree operation, cut-out protection for over temperature and concealed plumbing option. Additional features similar to timberboil is also available with this model.

SL series from Whelan is also a wall-mountable model unit. SL series also supplies boiling incoming water. Mixing with cold water is avoided in storage chamber, thus ensuring only boiling water. It is available from 2.5 litre to 450 litre capacity.