Whelan Industries presents the Dynamicboil SL Series of hot water heaters that can provide boiling water to homes without any mixed in cold water.

The Dynamicboil SL Series boils the cold water supply first before entering into the storage chamber to be dispensed. This prevents the mixing of cold water and only boiling water is stored within the unit.

The Dynamicboil hot water heaters offer a large capacity of up to 450 litres of continuous boiling water into a household. Even when the total amount of water has been withdrawn from the storage tank, the temperature will remain the same without dropping.

Features of the Dynamicboil SL Series hot water heaters:

  • More than one outlet taps
  • Connects to a 10amp power point for units up to 90 litre in capacity
  • No temperature sensor equipment that can cause premature failure
  • 15 different sizes with different capacity of boiling water storage
  • Installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
The Dynamicboil SL Series of hot water heaters, from Whelan Industries, is flexible in design and can cater for a variety of customer configurations.