Whelan Industries  are one of the leaders in the water boiling industry and have now developed a state of the art system which can boil water in the heating tank before entering the storage compartment. As a result, there is no temperature dilution of hot and cold water, and boiling water is immediately available to users.  

The SL Series wall mounted boiler systems combine style and function with advanced technology to provide an efficient and effective water boiling system. A range of different sizes are available with the smallest being the SL.2.5, catering to 13 people per serve and is 430 by 460 by 185 millimetres in size; and the largest being the SL.60 which caters to 300 people per serve and is 1000 by 600 by 250 millimetres in size.  

Standard features include:

  • No thermostat – lowering chances of complications
  • Safety cut out on water failure
  • Custom built to suit individual requirements  
A bench model is also available with the smallest being the BW90 which caters to 450 people and is 915 by 600 by 500 millimetres; and the largest being the BW450 which caters to 2400 people and is 1200 by 1020 by 915 millimetres. Both the wall mounted and bench models are suitable for commercial or industrial use.