Wharington International  can now incorporate on average 75% recycled resin into mouldings.

The lower end of the recycled content scale is 25% recycled resin if there is a high level of co-mingling with other resins, paper or metallic substances.

A recycled rate of 100% can be achieved with clean high single-grade materials, such as crushed telephones and vacuum cleaners.

When used for framing the recycled resin shell can be supplied at prices up to 30% cheaper than conventional wooden framing.

The resin shell also offers designers, manufacturers and specifiers the opportunity to create sustainable products that are pre-designed for production, lowering costs through a reduced number of components, minimising assembly time and reducing upholstery materials and labour costs.

A sample of Re-Define’s environmental features Include:

  • Recopol recycled resin internal shells - the resin shell was an important feature of the furniture due to the environmental benefits discussed previously
  • A post consumer recycled PET fabric can be specified to further maximise its environmental performance
  • Nylon feet - the nylon used is recyclable. Wharington International is investigating the potential use of a recycled material for this component
  • Each Recopol resin shell will contain the equivalent of approximately 45 post-consumer printer cases (approximately 39kg of waste material) that would otherwise have been sent to landfill
  • The use of recycled materials reduces demand for forest products, conserving a natural resource and helping to preserve biodiversity
  • The amount of foam used was minimised due to the lounge’s streamlined design and simplicity. The foam cutting method was also developed to minimise waste. Off-cuts are recovered for use in producing carpet underlay
  • The recycled resin shell will have been produced with 50% less greenhouse gas emissions and 80% less energy than a shell made with virgin ABS resin
  • The lounge has been designed to allow straightforward minor repairs with a durable fabric
  • The Recopol shell is fully recyclable.
  • All stainless steel and steel is totally recyclable
  • Wharington International will receive back used resin shells for remanufacture provided they are not contaminated