A sturdy grating surface for walking improves safety and comes with increased durability. Non-compliant and cheap solutions can compromise safety. Not only that, the repair and maintenance costs of poorly manufactured grating will be high in the long term.

There are four main grating solutions: mild steel, aluminium, fibreglass, and stainless steel, offered by Weldlok. Each grating solution has unique properties making them more suitable for particular applications. Mild steel gratings are widely used for their strength and upfront affordability.

Mild steel grating

The most customisable grating is mild steel grating. They are commonly used since they are economical and can be easily coated or treated for lasting protection. They can be used for industrial and heavy usage public purposes as they can be fabricated in different sizes.

The robust mild steel grating provides flexibility for different finishing styles as follows:

  • Hot-dip galvanised
  • Powdercoating
  • Painted
  • Bitumen coating

All Weldlok mild steel gratings feature 3mm or 5mm thick load bars. We recommend hot-dip galvanised coating for all applications as it provides lasting protection. Powdercoating is a great additional enhancement for extra protection or to provide an aesthetic appearance. The readily available range of mild steel gratings is highlighted as follows.

1. Series 15

The robust and aesthetic-looking Series 15 grating offers complete safety. It is designed to prevent objects from falling through the grating. The Series 15 range will reduce your maintenance cost as the single-piece design prevents debris build-up between the grates and mesh, which is typically needed for mezzanine walkways. In addition, it contributes to reduced production lead times as it is comparatively less labour-intensive to fabricate.


  • 15mm load bar centres
  • 3mm or 5mm thick load bars
  • Available in standard or serrated finish in both mild steel and aluminium
  • Reliable stability with cross-rods at 100mm
  • Fully compliant with AS1657:2019
  • Available in standard mat sizes across all states

2. Series 30

The Series 30 grating provides flexibility according to your needs as it features two separate cross-rods of 100mm and 50mm for reliable support. Series 30 offers an ideal solution if you are looking for mild steel gratings with high loadbearing capacity. If you need increased walkway safety, then serrated load bars and 50mm cross bars should be used.


  • 30mm load bar centres
  • Cross-rods available at 100mm or 50mm for reliable stability
  • Varying mat sizes in Eastern States and Western Australia

3. Series 40

The Series 40 grating is an ideal wide-width solution if you want something lightweight and economical. It meets AS1657 for walkways, when selected for appropriate applications, making it suitable to use on conveyor walkways and other fixed platforms.


  • 40mm load bar centres
  • Availability of two cross-rods for increased stability
  • Different standard mat sizes for Eastern and Western States
  • The A40-655 with a 2315mm span can safely bear a load of 7.5 kPa with a deflection of 5mm

4. Series 60

The Series 60 grating is ideal for spillage control as they are built to minimise build-up with ultra-wide width spacing. The large openings provide a safe walking surface allowing liquid to fall through. They offer a 50% load-carrying capacity of Series 30 grating and should, therefore, not be used for high-impact flooring.


  • 60mm load bars
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Available in standard finish
  • The B60-655 with a 2090mm span can withstand a load of 7.5 kPa with a deflection of 5mm

Selecting the grating and flooring solution

Weldlok can cater to your customised needs by manufacturing a wide range of grating solutions. All Weldlok grating solutions are AS1657 compliant, ensuring the highest level of safety.

Contact us now to know more about our range of grating solutions for access, walkways or platforms.