Watertech Jet Cutting & Design  is a pioneer in cutting and designing tiles, metals, stones for signage and decoratives needs. Watertech Jet Cutting & Design uses waterjet cutting system which is technically superior and can cut materials to any shape upto 70mm thickness.

Waterjet cutting system has a high pressured pump, filtration device, catcher and a nozzle. Water is pressurised to 60,000 psi by Waterjet cutting system’s hydraulic driven intensifier pump.  A constant output pressure brings out even waterflow. This is achieved by the inbuilt pressure vessel- shock attenuator. The water then reaches the reservoir through stainless steel tubes and from the reservoir, it passes along the nozzle to orifice.

The water is designed to travel three times the speed of sound. It contains the abrasive metering valve, abrasive hopper with a mixing chamber and a focusing nozzle. It can cut granite, glass, marble, stainless steel, sandstone, porcelain, bricks, terracotta, pavers, aluminium, copper and brass.

Watertech Jet Cutting & Design services are benefitted by architects, manufacturers, home owners, contractors and installers.

Domestic areas like bathrooms, driveways, kitchens, entertaining areas, foyers and commercial areas like shops, hotels, parks, walkways, hospitals are some areas of application of this product.