With electricity costs sky rocketing across Australia there has never been a better time for business and home owners to invest in energy recovery systems to ease the energy bill burden.

This is about to become easier, thanks to Evo Building Products. Arriving in Australia in 2013, the Recoh Heat Recovery System can reclaim up to 60% of heat lost from grey water that would normally head down the drain with the water after a shower, dishwasher use or washing machine cycle. In a modern family home, up to 90% of hot water consumption is because of showering and most of that heat disappears down the drain.

The Australian Energy Market Commission estimated electricity bills will increase by up to 41.8% between 2011-2014 and water heating can account for up to 30% of the electricity bill.

A Recoh Heat Recovery System is very simple. Waste water runs through a heat exchanger on its way to the drain. Heat is transferred from the water and the waste water never comes into contact with the fresh water.

The heat recovery system is suitable for residential and commercial uses. In Europe it has proved effective in gyms, stadiums, restaurants and hotels.
An initial lost cost will result in a very quick payback, relative to other technologies. A Recoh Heat Recovery System will pay for itself many times over during its long life.

Average annual savings are equivalent to a small solar water heating system, but at a fraction of the cost. It will also save between 300 to 1000kgs of CO2 depending on the installation type.