Armor-Kote brushed nickel mixers, showers and outlets from Alder/ Vito Bertoni feature a unique and exclusive coating formed by a special Physical Vapour Deposit (PVD) process.

Innovative technology has been used to produce a unique brushed nickel PVD coating that replicates the architectural look of brushed 304 Grade stainless steel.

The PVD coating is applied in a vacuum chamber where an electric arc is used to vaporise chromium metal from a cathode target. The vaporised chromium material condenses onto the mixer components to form a coating that is extremely hard and durable with good impact strength.

The corrosion resistance of the PVD coating is superior to all other electroplated surfaces, helping retain the look of the fittings for a long time.

The PVD process is more environment-friendly than traditional coating processes such as electroplating and painting as there are no waste pollutants.