Viking Sauna's  hot dry room’s features includes cedar panels that are used to line walls and ceilings and are insulated with batts and aluminium foils.

Hot dry room seats are made of cedar wood and antiskid floor tiles with sauna heaters placed inside the room.

Viking Sauna's dry sauna features includes temperature and humidity range of 70 to 90 degree celsius and 5% to 10% respectively and comes with a standard Tylo heaters and excludes water usage.

Viking Sauna's wet sauna features are similar to dry sauna features. However, the wet sauna uses water to produce heat.

Viking Sauna's steam sauna domestic has a temperature of 45-65 degree celsius and humidity of 40-65%. The steam sauna domestic comes with Tylo combi heater and inbuilt tank to boil water. The steam sauna domestic session can vary between dry, wet, or steam-sauna experience.

Viking Sauna's steam sauna commercial has a standard commercial heater along with an external steam generator, both of which are operated through a single electronic panel.

In Viking Sauna's steam room, both the walls and ceilings are lined with aluminium sheets with tiled seated and floors. In steam room, the generator is located outside and gives 100% humidity. Viking Sauna's steam showers includes a large shower with a fitted seat.