Global pressing technology specialist Viega has launched a new range of press tools featuring a smaller and lighter design while packing a punch in performance.

Viega’s new Pressgun 5 is one of the smallest and lightest press tools on the Australian market for XL connections. Rod Luker, Viega’s National Sales Manager Australia explains that the new Viega Pressgun 5 is more compact and lightweight than its predecessor at just 3.2kg while supplying twice the capacity. The new press tool can press all dimensions from DN15 to DN100 (for Propress) and 15mm-108mm (for Sanpress Inox), while powered by lithium-ion battery.

Pressgun 5 ticks all the boxes for safety and economy at the building site. The press tool is 20 per cent lighter than the predecessor model, which comes from a more compact structure, a lighter housing construction and a new lithium-ion battery. By supplying twice the capacity with 18V/2.0 Ah, Pressgun 5 allows a full day’s work on a building site on a single charge.

Additionally, there is a cold start feature in the high performance battery plus integrated monitoring electronics that effectively protect against deep discharge, guaranteeing a long lifespan.

Key features of the Viega Pressgun 5 press tools include ram force of 32 kN and a range of use of DN15-DN100, equivalent to considerably bigger press tools; ideal for space constrained applications with compact tool combined with Viega’s flexible press rings and the 180° press head; simple handling enhanced by ergonomic gun shape with soft-touch handle; integrated LED lamp for comfortable lighting of the pressing point; compatible with any Viega large format press jaws and hinged press jaws; and extended servicing intervals, requiring servicing only after 40,000 pressings or after four years, thanks to high quality manufacturing.