Set over 39 levels, the Array Tower (Tower 6) at Melbourne Docklands in Victoria – Australia’s largest construction project – is a mixed use property, with 205 residential apartments, 280sqm of retail space, 680sqm of community space and a gymnasium. 

Located on the edge of the Yarra River, Array was developed by the Mirvac Group and was officially opened in June 2015.

Whilst industrial and commercial plumbing group Project Developments initially considered using welding for the extensive pipework throughout the building, it would have caused major OH&S issues. Hence Project Developments contacted Viega regarding its Propress system.

“The Viega Propress system completely eliminates the need for brazing of joints, resulting in total elimination of heat, gas, and flame from the worksite,” says Robert Hardgrove, National Technical Manager/Strategic Projects - Viega Australia. “This delivers massive savings in installation time along with significant improvements in joint performance and finish.”

Installation flexibility and speed 

In addition to overcoming the safety issue associated with welding, Project Developments also chose the Viega solution because of its installation flexibility and speed.

“The Viega products are reliable, flexible, fast to install, neat and no hot works are required,” says Phil Clough, project manager with Project Developments. 

The company specified the full range of copper XL fittings, from DN15 to DN100 for both gas and water installations. Viega also provided assistance and technical training, plus a Tradelink store is located near the Docklands site should further support be required. 

According to Phil, there have been significant benefits to using the Viega Propress system including its XL fittings range.

“Less labour was required to install, plus we have confidence in the fittings and tools’ calibration to overcome user errors and hot works issues,” he says. 

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