Victoria Design and Management P/L has recently completed residential property developments at Palm Beach, Careel Bay (Pittwater), and Cremorne in Sydney’s northern suburbs. These projects (like the one pictured) include fine examples of the finishes which can be achieved using Australian hardwoods both indoors and outdoors.

Whether it is flooring, kitchen bench tops, veranda decking, pergolas or structural timbers, Australian hardwoods provide a wonderfully attractive yet durable finish which will withstand generations of wear and tear, while their appearance improves with age.

If you are interested in purchasing appearance grade or structural grade Australian hardwoods and you are looking for that quality finish with individual colours and grain then visit the timber section of the Victoria Design website to review their inventory of fine Australian hardwoods including Red Mahogany, Red & Grey Ironbark, Western Red Box, Blackwood and many more.

If it is fine Australian hardwoods that you are seeking, Victoria Design has a wide range of kiln dried products ready for delivery Australia wide.