Sylomer, a proven vibration isolation PU material from Getzner, is ensuring peace and quiet for the residents of a luxury apartment complex in Lochau, Austria.

The ‘Villa Aurea’ development by Q-rt Raum GmbH combines three luxury apartments in a single terraced complex. Sitting on the slopes of the Pfänder Mountain overlooking Lake Constance, the Villa Aurea offers panoramic views of the lake and the area where the three countries of Austria, Switzerland and Germany meet.

Each apartment in the complex measures 200-300 square metres and has its own pool in the generous private outdoor area. With the developer focused on ensuring undisturbed peace and quiet in each of the residential units, the pools and associated equipment have been bedded on the PU material Sylomer from Getzner, thereby effectively eliminating vibrations and noise.

Vibrations from pools

When designing pools on or in residential buildings, it’s important to ensure vibrational decoupling, or else vibrations can spread out over the structures and cause unwelcome secondary airborne noise. These vibrations are generated by pool equipment such as circulation pumps, hydroflow systems and air jets or even just splashing about in the water.

In order to prevent these vibrations spreading to adjoining building structures, pools are bedded using elastic materials. Getzner has been offering vibration isolation solutions for pools using elastomers made from polyurethane for over 35 years.

"At the Villa Aurea, the pools are located on the roof of the living rooms of the apartments below. This pool layout is incredibly sensitive, which is why, from an acoustic point of view, a complete vibration decoupling was necessary. With Sylomer mats, we have found an ideal structural solution," explains surveyor Ing. Andreas Ellensohn.

Effective vibration isolation for a lifetime

For vibration decoupling of pools, Getzner uses a full-surface bearing on Sylomer mats, preventing cavities from filling with water and effectively inhibiting sound bridges. The Sylomer material has several advantages: it displays outstanding resistance to chlorinated water and oil; it is hydrophobic and does not lose its excellent material properties even over several decades, maintaining the bearing’s performance throughout the entire service life of the pool; and it is produced without using any softeners or halogenated foaming agents, avoiding any harm to both humans and the environment.

Cost-saving installation

Sylomer materials are particularly impressive in full-surface applications as they are easy to install, are very soft and can even be installed around corners or folded over edges. The installation, therefore, saves both time and cost.

Impressive complete package

Getzner backs up their innovative materials with a wide range of services. At the Villa Aurea project, Getzner application engineers calculated the requirements, chose the material and designed the layout of the pool bearings. The entire project was supervised by a Getzner expert, who was also present on-site during the installation.


"In this project it was important to ensure that the adjoining apartments were not disturbed by any noise or vibrations. This was, of course, a top priority for the three pool areas. Thanks to Getzner's expertise in the bearing of pools, everything turned out perfectly," said DI Kurt Schuster, Q-rt Architektur & Raum GmbH.