Versiclad announces the availability of one of their most popular insulated roof panels, Corrolink-S in a width of 1000mm, allowing greater spans and R Values than ever before.

Corrolink-S requires only a minimum 3° fall, and can achieve a cantilever up to 2.89 metres and a larger side eave of up to 450mm, providing design versatility in all types of projects from heritage to modern constructions.

The availability of Corrolink-S in a 1000mm panel width reduces the requirement of panels and labour while lowering visible ceiling joints. The corrugated top skin comes in a variety of different colours while the flat ceiling face has three different finishes. A choice of six different thicknesses helps Corrolink-S panels achieve R Values up to RT5.0.

Corrolink S insulated roof panels deliver multiple benefits to the application including a minimum roof pitch of only 3° in non-tropical areas, and a long trafficable unsupported span of up to 9.0 metres reducing unsightly support beams. Advantages also include higher grade core, now available with S Grade polystyrene; custom lengths from 1200mm to 9000mm; lightweight material simplifying installation; core ducts designed to accommodate wiring services; and fire retardant EPS insulated core dramatically reducing radiant heat transfer, mould, condensation and rain noise.

Corrolink S insulated roof panels can be supplied with fire flashings to meet BAL-40 specifications; ceiling fan mounting plates; LED downlights; and solar panel installation engineering support.