Opening louvre roof systems from Vergola (NSW) are made from the superior Australian-made BlueScope Colorbond steel. While several opening roof brands in the market use aluminium alternatives, Vergola continues to feature the superior Australian-made BlueScope Colorbond – the roofing material of choice for nearly half of all new Australian homes and over 80 per cent of all Australian gutters.

So what makes the Australian-made BlueScope Colorbond the superior material?

  • Colorbond is manufactured from Zincalume steel with an aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coating that is stronger and longer-lasting than aluminium.
  • A conversion layer is applied to the steel surface to improve adhesion.
  • Colorbond’s Super Polyester coating technology ensures the Vergola’s finish retains its ‘as-new’ look for longer.
  • Exterior grade paint is baked onto the Zincalume steel base giving Vergola resistance to chipping, peeling and cracking, thereby, making it superior to powder-coated aluminium louvres.

Vergola (NSW) has been installing Australian-made BlueScope Colorbond louvres for more than 30 years.

Here’s what one of Vergola’s earliest customers, Jenny Cowper from Milperra had to say about their 30-year-old Vergola:

“We added a Vergola to our house 30 years ago and are so pleased every day that we did. Knowing that Vergola is still around today only confirms that we made the right decision back then. It’s a great concept and, as our 30-year-old Vergola will prove, it’s a great product. Over the last 30 years, obviously many others have realised the benefits of being able to open and close a roof and have chosen a Vergola as well… A Vergola is a great investment and, for us, adding ours 30 years ago is still the best home improvement that we’ve made.”