When the days get shorter in autumn and the sun loses the harshness of the summer rays, our homes seem to be reaching out for more sun. It’s that time of the year when you need an opening and closing roof system from Vergola (NSW) for your outdoor living spaces.

A Vergola roof system can deliver something no other pergola or roof structure can – the immediate change in temperature and the subsequent ambiance is incredible when you open the roof louvers of a Vergola in autumn.

While fixed roofs are excellent for keeping your home cool in summer by blocking out the sun, they also ensure your home doesn’t get the generous light and warmth of the sun during the other nine months of the year.

However, with a Vergola, you can harness the light and warmth of the autumn sun for your home by controlling the opening and closing louvers of the roof system. You can even schedule the louvers to open to different degrees at different times of the day – effectively chasing the sun. At night, you can close the louvers completely to retain some of the warmth in your home, and then open them up again when the sun reappears.

Consult with a Vergola Design Consultant to know how an opening and closing Vergola will impact your living spaces throughout the four seasons.