If you are thinking of installing a pergola for your outdoors, consider a Vergola opening roof.

A Vergola opening roof can keep you cool during the hot summer months. Enjoy the comfort of 100% shade during the day and when evening sets in, open up the louvres to release all the trapped heat and create a cool area for your enjoyment.

Vergola features a unique double-skin aerofoil-shaped louvre, which creates an insulating airgap that reduces the amount of heat radiating to the space below. This means Vergola will keep you cooler than single-skin aluminium opening louvre roof systems.

While single-skinned aluminium louvres conduct heat, Vergola’s unique design provides excellent thermal insulation from heat and also reduces sound transmission.

Vergola (NSW) offers a new iPhone app that allows you to pre-program the louvres to automatically close at sunrise and open at sunset, eliminating the hassle of having to open and close the louvres manually.