An open close roof system on your patio maximises your outdoor living experience throughout the year. A louvered patio roof not only provides cool shade in summer but also lets in sunlight in winter, making it a highly versatile and functional addition to your outdoor space.

However, choosing the perfect patio roof for your outdoor area can be difficult when there are so many design options to be considered. Vergola (NSW) offers a broad range of louvered roof designs to suit any outdoor space in addition to customisation options too.

Learn how you can have a comfortable, beautiful patio of just the right dimensions for your outdoor space to enjoy year-round with friends and family.

Blending with your home design

Visually, your patio should seamlessly fit in with the size and aesthetic of your home. Take the colours used on the building and surrounds into consideration as well as the materials most commonly used and the dimensions of prominent features. Your patio design can take inspiration from many of these elements so that it doesn’t stand out separately, but instead looks like a natural extension of your home. The patio posts can be constructed from steel or timber, and as a box frame or architectural columns, with the size and shape varied to fit accordingly.

Also, consider the lines and construction of the house before designing the patio. For a solid brick house with wide pillars and bold features, you may need to design a more robust-looking patio, while a light-coloured, cladded house with finer details may better suit a freestanding patio in similar hues.

Vergola’s louvre roof systems come in a standard range of Colorbond colours to suit the Australian landscape in addition to a wider range of powder-coated combinations to meet specific design considerations aligned with your vision and expectations. Colorbond is used for each shutter as well as beam cappings and under flashings.

Design options for louvered patio roofs

Now that you have your new patio’s look established, you can move on to selecting the design. Louvered patio roofs can be broadly categorised into seven different designs, each with a slightly different look. Flat roofs are the most popular for their versatility in dimension and scope. Skillion or sloping roofs are also preferred because they fit well with most house designs. Both flat and skillion roofs can be constructed as freestanding or attached structures. A-frame roofs are recommended for larger patios as they can cover quite an expanse.

The box frame is a premium-look option for brick or rendered homes as it creates a standout feature when the elements are customised with colour and texture.

Curved beams lend a more sophisticated look and suit modern homes with sleek lines. Select this option to add class to your outdoor area.

When you want a truly unique look for your patio, opt for a customised tapered design that covers triangular sections of the outdoor area, allowing controlled light and air flow into the area while maintaining functionality. You can also fit louvre inserts to just about any roof section to allow the entry of natural light to your covered outdoor space without any major expense or structural alterations.

Finishing your outdoor space

Now that your patio is ready, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Introduce a new deck to the patio as well as carefully-selected outdoor furniture. Consider outdoor blinds, soft furnishings and plants to complete your outdoor room.

If you are looking for some privacy, Vergola also offers vertical shutter screens in various shapes and sizes that allow light and air to flow into the space, but screen the occupants from the outside. Best of all, these screens add an interesting design element to your covered outdoor space.

Vergola offers a 2-year warranty on all products and has a reputation for high quality customer service.