Velux argues that the use of openable skylights in areas of the house prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, effectively control condensation.

Velux says that even if a home does not feel damp, excess moisture can be doing damage in unseen places. Some of the problems caused by condensation include mildew on walls, window seals and baseboards, peeling or bubbling exterior paint, deteriorating furniture, damaged floor tiles, and rotting of structural wood between outside walls.

The air around us in our homes contains water vapour (humidity) and additional water vapour is added into the air by breathing, perspiration, cooking, and showering.

An effective way to help control condensation is by ensuring adequate ventilation in the home and Velux says this can be achieved by installing openable skylights. Openable skylights allow warm moist air that rises to the ceiling of a home, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, to escape while bringing in fresh out door air.

The Velux Electric Openable Skylight or Manual Openable Skylight are ideal for controlling such condensation, the manufacturer says. Both models capture abundant natural light, and open to allow maximum fresh air in, and warm air to escape. In addition, the skylights have Low-E insulated glass panes that keep the interior glass pane warmer to lessen the chance of condensation forming.