With new technology from Velux commercial buildings can enjoy benefits of natural lighting by having a curb mounted skylight installed.

The Velux Curb Mounted Skylight (FCM) is the ideal product to be installed on a roof of a commercial or industrial building such as offices, schools, factories, the only proviso is that a minimum 5° roof pitch is required.

The model FCM is sized to work with all types of site-built curbs. As it has no designated top, bottom, or sides, it can be installed in whatever direction wanted.

The FCM is built on aluminium and low-E coated, argon insulated glazing which blocks heat, noise and UV rays. All materials composing the FCM are non-combustible and therefore ideal for all applications in commercial buildings.

Custom flashed by the roofer or specialist skylight installer, the FCM range can be built into multiple configurations ensuring a modular and affordable alternative to expensive architectural glazing systems which also can’t match the superior thermal performance of the FCM.

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