Latitudes Duro from Urbanline is a composite decking with timber-like looks and finish, but without the hassles of real timber.

Offering the best of both worlds, Latitudes Duro is a stylish composite decking that looks and feels like real timber but is virtually maintenance-free throughout its lifetime with no need to oil, paint or coat ever.

Only requiring regular cleaning, Latitudes Duro offers superior protection against UV degradation and water absorption, provides high slip resistance, and is perfect for areas with high exposure to the elements.

Recommended for applications in commercial as well as residential environments, Latitudes Duro decking offers long-term maintenance-free service, durability, water resistance, slip resistance, easy installation, and rot and pest resistance.

Latitudes Duro decking is perfect for wet/pool areas, heavy traffic areas, unsheltered areas, domestic and commercial areas, hotels and bistros, harsh environments, body corporate areas, mining campsite decks, and jetty and pontoon walkways.