Euro Selekta, the popular cladding product from Urbanline Architectural has met the regulatory fire compliance requirements following extensive testing conducted by the company. Recent incidents of fires on building facades have once again raised concerns about the compliance of some cladding products in the market.

Urbanline conducted extensive fire testing on Euro Selekta, with the popular cladding product performing extremely well in the AS 5113 External Facade Fire Test (Fire propagation testing and classification of external walls of buildings) and AS 1530.8.1 Bushfire Attack Level to achieve a BAL 29 result.

Additionally, Urbanline Architectural engaged an independent fire engineer to assess and evaluate a performance solution of the Euro Selekta cladding to satisfy the performance requirements of the National Construction Code Volume One and Two, and the Building Code of Australia (BCA). This assessment evaluated the product as an internal and external wall lining/attachment to load bearing walls that do or do not require a fire resistant level.

Euro Selekta cladding is ideal for single vertical plane walls on high-rises up to 100 metres high; feature facade cladding for multi-storey apartment buildings, where maintenance is difficult; high-exposure areas; bushfire areas; and soffits.