We all know that an unprecedented apartment construction boom is well underway, particularly across Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Inner city areas and even suburbs are changing shape – and their skylines are changing too. And with this shift comes two challenges.

Firstly, how do you ensure that “mass construction” doesn't lead to sterile, characterless buildings?

And crucially, how can you be 100% confident that you’re specifying or using compliant cladding – especially after substandard material was blamed for a serious apartment fire in Melbourne last year and overseas this year?

The Lacrosse Docklands fire was caused by a cigarette and resulted in $2 million worth of damage. It is believed that if the cladding had been up to code it would not have spread as quickly.

And it’s not just high-rises facing the risk.

For high-end residential homes, especially in bushfire-prone areas, the right walls can make the difference between life and death. If walls cannot withstand the heat long enough in a fire, the results can be catastrophic. Not to mention commercial offices, retail, sporting arenas, government facilities and hospitals.

At Urbanline we’ve answered the call: introducing a new standard for aluminium cladding called Alu Selekta.

Alu Selekta is smart, stylish external cladding that looks just like timber, with the mighty practical benefits of this incredibly tough metal. It complies with the NCC and Australian Standard AS1530 as it won’t burn or contribute to the spread of fire.

Aluminium is a lightweight, yet highly durable, material. It’s a natural energy-efficient insulator and acoustics moderator. And it stands up to everything the Australian climate can throw at it – rain, winds, insects, and sun.

Perfect for any commercial or residential application, Alu Selekta is virtually maintenance free, it’s ideal for difficult-to-access areas and holds its appearance year after year. 

Best of all, it works interchangeably with Urbanline’s existing timber composite, fire rated, Euro Selekta, for a seamless look from top to bottom. For multi-story buildings, that provides the option of using non-combustible aluminium for higher floors and Euro Selekta on lower floors or soffits for a modern, warm and unique look – that helps your building stand out from the crowd.

Alu Selekta comes in three colours. Paired with Euro Selekta Clad it offers total versatility, opening up a whole new world of style possibilities.

For free samples, quotes and advice on selection, specification and upkeep, contact Urbanline Architectural.