Urbanline Architectural offers a unique solution using two panelling profiles that combine contemporary style and multidimensional appeal to truly turn heads.

The Castelation and Screenclad panelling systems can be partnered to create continuous lines and seamless uniformity in the timeless beauty of Western Red Cedar.

Ideal for creating perfectly crisp and continuous channels and shadows, Castelation and Screenclad cladding systems are perfect for residential as well as commercial design projects.

Key features and benefits include high quality Western Red Cedar; perfectly straight lines and shadows; concealed fixing; high durability; easy to work with; termite resistance; excellent acoustic properties; and interchangeable with three other Urbanline Castelation Combination profiles.

The Castelation and Screenclad panelling is perfect for alfresco and portico ceilings, entrances, media rooms, intermediate walls, bulkheads, living room ceilings, internal features such as island benches and planter boxes, auditorium acoustic linings, commercial designs, gable ends and facades, retail store statements, and shopping centre features.