Urbanline Architectural announces that their AluSelekta external cladding has successfully passed the AS1530.1 non-combustibility test, providing the construction industry a reliable, fire-safe solution for high rise buildings.

Architects and construction companies can now rest assured with the latest AS1530.1 non-combustibility test proving that AluSelekta is non-combustible. The test results confirm that the solid aluminium profile is not deemed combustible according to the test criteria specified in clause 3.4 of AS1530.1 – 1994.

This approval for Urbanline’s external cladding product is timed perfectly, with new legislative requirements for external cladding on high-rise buildings coming into effect this month. 

As part of the AS1530.1 small-scale material fire test, samples of AluSelekta were immersed in a 750°C furnace. The test method is intended to provide material property data on individual materials, not systems or composites. However, if any one layer or element of a system or product is combustible, the whole system or product is considered combustible.

The flagship AluSelekta aluminium cladding has also passed the 1530.3 test achieving zero spread of flame for the painted finish.

AluSelekta aluminium cladding is safe to use at all heights, being non-combustible; is standards compliant for AS1530.1 and AS1530.3; is interchangeable with AS5113 compliant Euro Selekta, offering seamless style; is lightweight at only 8.06kg per square metre; is engineered for strength and durability; provides quick and easy installation with maintenance-free properties; and is corrosion resistant, performing well with salt spray testing in accordance with ASTM B117-11 and AS 4506-2005 section 2.13 mortar splash test.