Urbanline Architectural recommends their cladding products, Alu Selekta, a solid aluminium profile and Euro Selekta, a timber composite to achieve a seamless look on high rise building facades.

A non-combustible, highly durable, solid aluminium profile, Urbanline’s Alu Selekta cladding contains no added materials to make it combustible. Alu Selekta is a proven performer in many commercial and residential applications. Being virtually maintenance-free, this aluminium cladding can be confidently used on high rises and difficult-to-access areas since it will retain its appearance for a long time.

Alu Selekta works in perfect harmony with Urbanline’s Euro Selekta, a unique, pre-finished composite cladding with a beautiful timber grain-embossed surface, which ticks many boxes for fire certification. Designed for stability and longevity with style, Euro Selekta is eco-friendly, maintenance-free and easy to install.

Install Euro Selekta timber composite cladding on single vertical plane walls on the lower levels or soffits (up to 100 metres high) and match it with non-combustible Alu Selekta on the higher floors of the multi-storey building. Mixing and matching the two products not only delivers a striking appearance but also ensures a fire compliant cladding solution for the building.

Alu Selekta cladding is classed as a non-combustible product and is AS1530.1 compliant, meaning there are no restrictions for its use on any high rise building.

Euro Selekta has a BAL29 rating (AS 1530.8.1), and has performed extremely well in the AS 5113 External Façade Fire Test - satisfying the performance requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume One and Two and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Urbanline Architectural has gone one step further for their customers’ peace of mind. Urbanline engaged an independent fire engineer to assess all the data from the fire tests and compile it into a comprehensive evaluation report.

Hear the results from the engineer in this video.

Watch how Alu Selekta and Euro Selekta achieve a seamless look on high rise buildings.