The Uni-Base Board cladding, available from Unitex , equalises the effects of exterior temperatures better than other cladding materials by insulating on the outside.

Uni-Base Board is part of the Uni-EIFS range by Unitex and a lightweight, external wall cladding comprising of pre-coated, 50, 75 or 100 mm thick reinforced EPS sheets used in conjunction with Unitex Base Board Render.

The system offers externally insulated walls with R-value 2.6 or more, is easy to install, cost effective and provides a smooth, flat, rendered finish.

According to Miles Howie at Unitex “... Uni-Base Board gives you up to three times the R-value compared to brick or FRC sheet. In the extreme heat of summer, you don’t know how hot it is until you step outside.”

The Uni-Base Board is also a simple, cost effective way to 5 Star Standard or BASIX Compliance.