Leading Australian manufacturer of EIFS (External Insulating Finishing Systems), Unitex® has been awarded BRANZ accreditation for its Base Board Cavity System.  

Unitex has been manufacturing the high quality, protective and decorative cladding systems for over 28 years.  

BRANZ appraisals are independent and unbiased assessments of building materials, products and systems. BRANZ is recognised as the leading authority by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) for providing third party accreditations for cladding systems.  

Unitex’s world renowned EIFS system offers excellent external insulation in both heat and cold conditions. The Unitex Base Board is a range of high quality wall cladding systems, and comes with a complete warranty, proven insulation properties and weather-tight protection, all backed up by the authority in scrutinising cladding systems for weather protection, BRANZ.  

Unitex customers can also be confident of the quality of manufacture, delivery to site, installation and technical support. Homeowners will enjoy the comfort of insulation, savings on future energy bills and excellent low maintenance finish.  

Unitex cladding systems are protecting over 5 million square metres of external walls in Australian homes and commercial projects from harsh, seasonal weather conditions. Having supplied Unitex Base Board for various projects for over 28 years, Unitex has not had a single claim against their 7-year guarantee.