Premier Roofing, a leading roofing contractor in Victoria, Australia uses world-class access equipment from United Forklift and Access Solutions to reach awkward areas with safety and ease. By introducing the latest access technology from United Equipment, Premier Roofing is able to further enhance speed and efficiency for customers.

United Equipment’s offering includes the latest Haulotte Optimum 8 AC electric scissor lift, boom lifts and telehandlers, all designed to safely and efficiently operate in hard-to-reach areas in roofing applications.

Premier Roofing installs roofs for major builders in the commercial and industrial sectors. The company prides itself on delivering the highest levels of safety and service, as well as the flexibility to tailor unique solutions to the individual needs of a project.

According to Mr Ian Burns, Production and OH&S Manager, Premier Roofing, United’s access equipment fits in perfectly with their company ethos, being safe and efficient and backed by a strong service offering. Mr Burns says United is fast to respond to every request, which makes all the difference in their business.

Observing that working on roofing installations involves accessing some tricky areas, he adds that United’s access equipment is essential to their everyday work while their reliable backup and service really put their minds at ease.

Operating their own fleet of access equipment, Premier Roofing finds the rental agreement with United for similar equipment convenient as it eases operations for the staff. He explains that having similar equipment means their staff can switch between machines in the permanent and rental fleets without any problem.

United supplied Premier Roofing with seven different kinds of access equipment, including boom lifts, scissor lifts and telehandlers, designed to be industry benchmarks of safety and efficiency. The majority of the equipment is under a rental agreement with United, to meet the changing needs of the fast-moving company.

Premier Roofing’s Account Manager at United, Amanda Moloney explains that having access equipment on a rental agreement means that a company can have the optimum equipment on hand for each job they do, no matter how diverse. Premier Roofing works on huge projects, often with differing heights, shapes, sizes and access requirements. The rental arrangement allows them to maintain a dynamic fleet that meets their unique needs every time.

Underlining United’s service back-up quality, Ms Moloney adds that they understand their customers cannot afford to have any downtime in the field when it comes to service, maintenance or delivery times; the company, therefore, goes the extra mile to provide a speedy response.

United has supplied the following equipment to Premier Roofing:

86-foot telescopic boom lift

Platform height of 26.21m, horizontal outreach of 22.86m and platform capacity of 340kg (restricted) and 230kg (unrestricted). This boom lift can reach full elevation in less than 70 seconds.

66-foot telescopic boom lift

Platform height of 20.31m, horizontal outreach of 17.30m and platform capacity of 230kg (unrestricted). This boom lift features easy-to-use controls and has 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steer capacity for off-road and tricky ground conditions.

46-foot telescopic boom lift

Platform height of 14.02m, horizontal outreach of 12.34m and platform capacity of 270kg (unrestricted). This boom lift features best-in-class lift and drive speeds for outstanding productivity.

Haulotte Optimum 8 AC electric scissor lift

Working height of 7.77m and capacity of 230kg. This scissor lift features a compact design and exceptional turning radius to get through even standard doors without having to lose time by needing to use folding guardrails.

2.6T telehandler

Lift height of 5.8m, forward reach of 3.16m and lifting capacity of 2,600kg. This all-terrain telehandler features easy-to-use controls and has a 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steer capacity for off-road and tricky ground conditions.

3.0T telehandler

Lift height of 6.9m, forward reach of 3.9m and lifting capacity of 3,000kg. This all-terrain telehandler features easy-to-use controls and has a 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steer capacity for off-road and tricky ground conditions.

Image: United’s access equipment is crucial to the everyday work of Premier Roofing