In the palette of architectural design, every colour tells a story, but sometimes, a hue has the power to completely redefine the narratives. Hamptons White by Unicote Steel stands out as the purest white in Australian colour steel, offering an unmatched vibrancy that breathes life into both residential and commercial spaces.

Hamptons White is not just a colour; it’s the epitome of transformation. This shade has the unique ability to capture and play with light, creating environments that are visually stunning and emotionally compelling. Whether it’s casting a soft glow on a cosy beachside cottage or adding a sharp, sophisticated edge to a modern urban building, Hamptons White brings a dynamic and transformative energy to every project it touches.

Within the Australian architecture and building community, Hamptons White stands out for more than its aesthetic charm and understated beauty. An exciting blend of form and function, this unmatched colour has a low solar absorption value of 0.27 and is highly energy efficient.

Taking it beyond the practical appeal, Hamptons White can transform a project into a visual spectacle, dynamically adjusting to evolving lighting conditions throughout the day. It mirrors the gentle ivory glow of sunrise and transforms into a radiant golden hue at sunset. With Hamptons White, you can effortlessly craft visually enchanting displays that consistently impress and delight.

UniCote Hamptons White

UniCote Hamptons White – The purest white in the market

As the first of many colours and patterns we plan to feature, Hamptons White sets a high bar. It’s more than a choice in our range; it’s a statement of style and quality, a commitment to bringing the best in architectural design to Australian builders and architects.

UniCote Hamptons White for roofs, cladding, and garage doors effortlessly blends vibrant colour with radiant charm.

Hamptons White is available in our exclusive steel and aluminium solutions. Whether you are building residences on the coast, or near the marina, there’s no better choice than UniCote.