Many soundproofing methods do not effectively address the demands of home theatre and high density living.

Low frequency sound from music, movies and footsteps still causes disturbance to neighbours, whose expectations of privacy and freedom from external noise are always increasing. 

Ultrafonic has introduced Green Glue, an easy and cost effective way to soundproof your home theatre.

Green Blue is a Visco-Elastic damping compound. Green Glue uses brains rather than brawn to damp vibration, minimising the transference of sound vibration from one side of a partition to the other.

Green Glue dissipates the energy of the sound rather than trying to block it with brute force.

The problem with existing methods is that the construction of the barrier has to increase alarmingly (beyond practicality) to block low frequency sound. This is not so with Green Glue.

Green Glue is applied between two sheets of plasterboard, plywood or subflooring. Green Glue is quick and easy to apply, saving time and money and floor space. 

It is simple to apply a layer of Green Glue and another sheet of plasterboard to a problem surface.

Green Glue is the most cost effective way to soundproof home theatres and other applications where low frequency sound is not addressed well by existing methods.