TXTR-LITE offers flexible natural stone veneer that can be used practically anywhere, including walls and even curved surfaces.

To create the flexible stone veneer, the natural stone is sliced into 1-5mm pieces that measure 610mm x 1220mm. These pieces are then reinforced with a fiberglass scrim, enabling the stone to bend around columns.

This natural stone veneer can be applied with construction adhesive to a range of surfaces including concrete, wood, and drywall, and it can also be used in wet areas such as showers.

TXTR-LITE’s natural stone veneer is available in more than 10 colours and in two varieties of stone; Mica Schist and Slate.

Natural stone veneer panels are an ideal alternative to thick heavy slabs of stone and they can be adhered to a myriad of surfaces.

More information on this flexible stone veneer is available from TXTR-LITE.