TXTR-LITE  is a new and unique range of composite laminates developed from natural stone for use in cladding applications indoors as well as outdoors.

TXTR-LITE natural stone laminates are ideal for stone cladding, stone feature walls or stone columns.

TXTR-LITE stone laminates are created by peeling the first layer off a slab of natural stone that has been bonded to a fibreglass/ polyester resin substrate. Developed for use as a beautiful stone feature, TXTR-LITE is easy to use in many different environments and surfaces.

TXTR-LITE natural stone laminates deliver a real stone finish and texture without the weight or additional cost of solid stone. Flexible stone veneers are also available to meet specifications for a bendable natural stone finish with a monolithic look.

These stone laminates can be installed quickly and easily. TXTR-LITE can be cut with a metal shear, wet saw, or table saw with carbide blade. Fibreglass strands used in the backing give TXTR-LITE superior strength and flexibility along with waterproof characteristics once adhered.

TXTR-LITE is ideal for shower installations where it can be installed directly over existing tiles eliminating the need for messy demolition or moving of plumbing fixtures. The natural stone laminate can lend a real stone face on joinery, furniture cabinets, door fronts, splashbacks and bathroom floors.  

TXTR-LITE natural stone laminates can be used to create a slate tile effect by leaving a grout joint between cut pieces. Sheets may also be butt-jointed if a smaller seam is desired. Grouts are available in several colours to match the existing decor.