The Twista roof ventilator is an excellent way to save energy throughout the year. Running without electricity, the roof ventilator silently works to keep the home cool and fresh in summer, and dry and healthy in winter.

In addition to using a Twista roof ventilator, homeowners can save energy by following a few of these suggestions. By being environmentally responsible, homeowners can help the environment, and also reduce energy costs at the same time.

1. Decrease your hot water temperature. 

Monitor the temperature of your hot water. There’s no point in heating it to a high temperature and then adding cold water to cool it back down to a useable temperature.

2. Switch off appliances when not in use.

Appliances on standby continue to use power even if they are not being used. Switching off televisions, audio equipment and computers at the power source is one way to save energy.

3. Set your computer to go into 'sleep' mode. 

Programme the computer to enter ‘sleep’ mode when not used for a predetermined period of time. This will prevent the computer from running for hours when it’s not turned off.

4. Use tumble dryers only when sun-drying is not possible.

Tumble dryers are power-guzzling home appliances that should be prudently used. If the weather is sunny, take your clothes outside to dry. Not only will it save energy, but it's better for the clothes too.

Image: Keeping the home energy efficient is good for the environment