Manufactured in Sweden and available from Turnils Australia , Medina exterior window awnings offer a neat shading solution. Medina exterior window awnings are a simple, yet effective vertical screen that runs along the outside of the window on guide rails. The bottom section of the exterior awning is angled outwards to provide shading from the sun, without obstructing the view.

Outdoor sun protection solutions are the best way to keep the home or office cool and will provide savings in energy. By preventing the sun’s rays from entering the window, the home or office will remain cooler than an equivalent widow with interior shading.
Exterior awnings are economical, reducing the need for air conditioning, and also offer environmental benefits and are invaluable for comfort on hot Australian summer days.

Features of the exterior shading screens include:

  • A cost effective window screening solution that provides partial privacy, a view from the lower part of the window and protection from heat and light. If open weave screen fabric is chosen a full view to the outside can be maintained. 
  • Medina window awnings are mounted on strong guide rails that run parallel to the window. 
  • Available in internal or external operation, with manual or motorised controls 
  • Manufactured from anti corrosive, highly durable materials 
  • External fabric for Medina to match or compliment the home or office building can be chosen. 
  • Low maintenance, Medina comes with a comprehensive warranty
Medina exterior window awnings have a projection of 0.5m and a maximum width of 3.0m and height of 3.0m.