Turnils Australia introduces a programme for their stringtape and cord products for Venetian blinds that gives customers access to one of the largest blind component ranges in the industry.  

Turnils stringtape and cord products can be customised from a wide and flexible range of standard widths, thicknesses, colours and designs to suit specific requirements.

The superior grade materials including high tenacity polyester yarn used to produce Turnils Nibrol stringtape and cord render low elongation and high strength characteristics to the blind components.

The yarn uses high quality pigments and is dyed after weaving for better colour consistency to provide long lasting colours and a UV colour fastness of 7-8 out of 8.

The high quality polyester yarn used in Turnils Nibrol stringtape and cord ensures high UV stability, uniformity and abrasion resistance. Superior abrasion resistance enables the Venetian blinds to last up to 8 times longer than similar products on the market.

All stringtapes are knitted using pre shrunk polyester yarn, preventing shrinkage in the finished blinds. Additionally, Turnils Nibrol stringtape and cord are heat-set to provide superior pitch control, especially in large Venetian blinds.

Turnils’ standard is set at 7mm over a 2000mm length for a 25mm stringtape since lower tolerances can make the control pitch more difficult to manoeuvre.  

While Turnils’ stringtape and cord for Venetian blinds can add a marginal cost to the finished blinds, the high quality components eliminate time-consuming and costly repair work after installation.