Rural Farm Sheds range in size up to 9m wide with 12m, 15m, 18m and larger sizes also available (up to 40m wide). The Rural Farm Sheds are designed with a built to last mentality from hobby to large commercial farms.

Standard eave heights for Farm Sheds range from 3.0m to 4.2m in height. Utilising sliding doors will achieve door height clearance of no less than 250mm below eave height.

For the domestic and rural Farm Shed range, Trusteel Fabrications utilises 3.0m or 3.6m bays.

However, Trusteel Fabrications also have a 12m wide design incorporating 4.5m bays, or alternatively 12m, 15m and 18m commercial / industrial designs with 6m bays.

A standard roof pitch of 10 or 12 degrees apply for a gable roof. Skillion roof Farm / Machinery Sheds are also an option.

Trusteel Fabrications’ rural farm shed range is made from all steel with frames utilising C section columns and rafters.

A feature of the Trusteel design is the 6mm thick centre connection plate that provides great strength to the frame. The frame is further bolstered utilising 16mm nuts and bolts for all connections along with a C section fascia purlin for stability. Trusteel Fabrications also offers a full range in RHS.

Galvanised top hat roof purlins and wall girts are used for corrugated roof cladding with tek screw fixing. Buildings with an eave height up to 3.0m are clad with K-panel hi tensile wall cladding. Trusteel Fabrications uses monoclad hi tensile wall cladding for buildings with eave heights greater than 3m.