Trusteel Fabrications manufactures supplies and erects a wide range of verandahs and carports that are attached to existing buildings.

The two available roof types, Skillion and Gable, are available in a full range of Zincalume or Colorbond finishes, or even a mixture of both. Tek screws can also be colour matched to the roof and flashing.

Skillion roofs have a minimum 2-degree fall while the gable roof has a 15-degree roof pitch. Skillion verandahs and carports are available in range of sizes from 2.4m to 7.6m with options in between. Double carport roofs generally measure 6m (W) x 6m (L), while single carports measure 3.6m (W) x 6m (L). Carports with a gable roof can measure up to 6m wide. 

Only the property size will restrict the size of the carport or verandah, and up to 7.6m in length will only need four posts.

Skillion roof carports are manufactured from steel with frames using "C' Section rafters and beams with "Duragal" SHS posts. They feature fascia guttering and fascia capping and a downpipe directs rainwater to the ground. If required, fibreglass and polycarbonate roof sheets can be incorporated in the design.

The frame of the Gable roof carport uses "C" Section Rafters with Duragal SHS posts. Standard gable roofs provides roof only cover, meaning there are no gable infills. These can be added upon request.