Treotham Automation Pty Ltd presents the multi axis Aramid fibre robot energy chains from the Chainflex CF Robot family.

Designed to transfer energy and data reliably in highly dynamic applications for popular industrial bus systems including Profibus, CAN-bus and Industrial Ethernet, the energy chains feature an extremely abrasion-proof and oil-resistant pressure-extruded outer jacket made of a flame-resistant, halogen-free PUR mixture.

The twistable PUR motor cables can be supplied in shielded or non-shielded versions. The design takes into account the damping elements protecting the elements as they twist.

Key features of the new Aramid fibre robot energy chains include use of high-grade PTFE gliding layers providing a sturdy basis for the special torsion-resistant insulation and allowing demanding twisting applications; new twistable fibre optic cables matched to real-world robot requirements; two optical fibre cores in the cable resistant to oils and UV light and remaining flexible in the cold; and FOC cables with high-tensile Aramid fibres and dampers stranded firmly around the GRP core.