Treotham Automation announces the launch of a new miniature drive from igus designed for positioning small loads.

Supplied with an optional NEMA 11 certified motor, the new DryLin SLN-27 from igus is a small, lightweight and lubricant-free system offering the design flexibility for positioning small loads. Developed specifically for simple handling of tasks in confined spaces, the high-performance miniature linear drives are based on the DryLin N27 linear guide system.

The linear rail of both the N27 and SLN-27 is made of durable anodised aluminium. The plastic carriage has high wear resistance, and is maintenance-free, self-lubricating and corrosion-resistant, providing a ‘fit and forget’ solution. The lightweight plastics combined with the aluminium make the DryLin SLW-27 extremely robust.

The DryLin SLN-27 miniature linear drive has compact dimensions of 22mm high by 28mm wide, making it ideal for low-load sensor adjustments and feed mechanisms, as well as lightweight handling tasks such as those found in laboratory equipment and camera inspection machinery.

Key features of DryLin SLN-27 miniature drives include carriage driven by a 5mm trapezoidal or high-helix thread lead screw available in a range of pitches from 0.8mm to 5mm; lead screw nuts made of iglide high-performance polymers, optimised for lubricant-free operation over the entire stroke length of a maximum of 250mm; optional NEMA 11 stepper motor; and use of stock components, individually configured to the required length.

Customers that already have a stepper motor from another manufacturer can choose a ‘quick-fit’ aluminium spacer and motor flange connection from igus to fit the NEMA 11 motor.