Treotham Automation Pty Ltd introduces the SNH emergency stop buttons designed for a wide range of industrial applications from elevators to packaging systems.

An important component of safety technology solutions, the SNH emergency stop button communicates with the safety switching devices of Series 4000 as well as Samos and Samos PRO safety controls from Wieland Electric.

Treotham’s SNH emergency stop buttons are available as built-in or surface-mount versions with a standardised installation diameter of 22mm. They can be integrated in an operator panel or directly mounted to a machine using a surface-mounted housing.

The contact blocks provide various wiring options as normally closed and/or normally open contacts; additional normally open contacts can report their status to a PLC. A separate contact element monitors the safe connection between the emergency stop button and the switching contacts, avoiding accidental failure and preventing the buttons from being bypassed.

The seven different sizes of the operating component can be combined with numerous switching options resulting in a variety of switching variations.

Key features of SNH emergency stop buttons include detachable screw connection terminals used for contacting the buttons; variations with integrated LED lighting or buttons with blocking protection sleeves available to avoid accidental operation; solutions with key and rotary switches available for unlocking; and support for protection degrees up to IP69K.