Treotham Automation introduces linear actuators from linear drive technology specialist igus featuring polymer bearings, and supplied complete with a motor.

The linear actuators are currently supplied with stepper motors in sizes NEMA17 and NEMA23 from the small motor range. Optionally available with encoder and/or brake, stepper motors are a good accessory to DryLin linear drives for reasons such as cost-effectiveness, precision, and simple operation. The linear actuator is driven via a trapezoidal or high helix thread lead screw.

Key features of the new linear axis DryLin E SAW-0630 actuators with NEMA17 motor include multiple pitches from 1.5mm to 15mm available; drive lead screws supported by ball bearings; lead screw nuts made of tribologically optimised iglide high-performance polymers, ensuring lubrication-free performance over entire stroke length and bearing life; and plastic and aluminium construction of components resulting in a lightweight system.

The SAW-0630 linear actuators are ideal for simple lubricant-free format adjustments, feed movements, and handling of components. The new driven axis can be supplied from stock in the exact length specified, along with the motor.

Based on the maintenance-free DryLin W system, the linear guide comprises of a bearing housing and tribologically optimised polymer gliding film for very low friction and wear; the flexible and modular structure also simplifies assembly.

igus SAW-0630 linear actuators are available with a choice of 12 rail profiles, single and double rail options, as well as with individual bearings or complete slides. These guides are also available as linear axes with a toothed belt drive.