Transforma  presents Rolf Benz 360 recliners designed by Cuno Frommherz for superior relaxation and comfort.  

Winner of the 2011 Interior Innovations Award, the Rolf Benz 360 recliners feature an innovative metal frame with membrane that not only creates a slimline silhouette but also ensures a highly relaxed reclining experience similar to the weightlessness felt in a comfortable hammock.  

Rolf Benz 360 recliner frames are available in a shiny chrome or contemporary black finish with the frame lending the recliner grace, independence and dynamism. Decorative seams carefully placed on the recliner add exclusivity and elegance.  

Key features of Rolf Benz 360 recliners:   

  • Metal frame with membrane for greater reclining comfort
  • Adjustable neck cushions (up to 3 positions)
  • Decorative seams with high quality finish
  • Foot frame available in two designs: shiny chrome or black