Transforma  offers a stylish new range of dining tables designed by Hülsta that offers striking elegance and practical comfort.  

Re-inventing the whole dining experience, the ET 1500 dining tables feature a column design with a practical T-shape. The thick tabletop is supported by a projecting, right angled column that itself rests on a stainless steel plate.  

The unusual design of the dining tables offers a few comfort features for the user:  

Maximum leg space  

The central column leg provides ample space for legs all around the table.  

Variable lengths and extensions  

The Hülsta ET 1500 dining tables are available in 4 standard lengths from 180cm to 240cm. Table lengths can be further increased through optional extension leaves equipped with easy-to-operate clips.  

Extension leaves are available in two lengths of 95cm and 110cm, and help to extend the table length up to a maximum of 350cm.  

The table is cleverly designed to accommodate the extension leaves when not in use.  

Practical storage  

The central column leg in the ET 1500 dining tables includes a concealed storage cupboard.  

ET 1500 dining tables are available in light, structured beech and fine walnut finishes with the wood’s natural grain running lengthwise across the tabletop and vertically along the foot column.   

The tables are also available in a striking combination of wood finish and white lacquer.  

The Hülsta ET 1500 dining table is on display at Transforma .