Trafalgar FyreClamp is an innovative multiservice fire stopping device that prevents the spread of fire through service penetrations.

The FyreClamp system allows building designers and service consultants to identify the required location for services and specify the required FyreClamp configuration. Construction documentation can then identify these as the only approved path for services in the building for each specific trade, ensuring all services are adequately fire stopped.

Trafalgar FyreClamp is a permanent system and the premises will not require fire stopping again for the life of the building. Trafalgar FyreClamp has been subjected to over 300 fire tests on a multitude of service types, service configurations, and wall, floor and ceiling types.

Suitable for fire prevention and protection in any building where penetrations are made through walls, floors and ceilings for services, Trafalgar FyreClamps are tested and approved for electrical, data and communication cables; metal pipes; insulated copper pipes; and plastic conduits.

Trafalgar FyreClamps are supplied in a range of shapes and sizes, providing up to 4-hour fire ratings.

The Trafalgar FyreClamp range includes: Round FyreClamp for retrofitting into standard core holes; Square FyreClamp for fire stopping of electrical power, communication or data cables and insulated copper pipe penetrations; Modular FyreClamp consisting of banks of square FyreClamps in duplex, triplex and sixplex configurations for segregation of service types, adding extra capacity and expandability to cater for future works; and Maxi FyreClamp for all penetration types including cable trays, multiple and bulk insulated copper pipe penetrations, mechanical service penetrations, mixed services and large penetration requirements.