Fyrechoke Fire Collars from Trafalgar Fire Containment Solutions provide maximum protection against the spreading of fire and smoke through pipes, plastic conduits and floor waste applications. There are four Fyrechoke Collars include the Micro Fire Collar, One Piece Fire Collar, Cast-in Collar and Two Piece Collar.  

The Fyrechoke Micro Fire Collars are compact and retro-fitted to provide maximum protection against the spread of fire and smoke penetrated by plastic conduit. Features include an integrated slide fastening system, manufactured from recycled stainless steel and corrosion resistant. The Fyrechoke One Piece Fire Collars prevents the spread of fire and smoke through plastic pipes, using a retrofit, integrated hinge and latch lock. It has been fully tested to Australian Standards AS1530.4 and AS4072, and is finished with a high quality powder coated finish.  

The Trafalgar Fyrechoke Cast-in Fire Collars have a full BCA compliance, are simple to install and are suitable for slabs of varying thickness. They can be used on stack work and floor waste applications and feature a strong, robust design, full FRL insulation, and required no temporary pipe inserts for casting. The Two Piece Collar also prevents the spreading of smoke and fire through plastic pipes, can fit many different plastic pipes, is suitable for hard to reach places, and is cost effective.