Fyreflex fire rated sealants, available from Trafalgar Fire Containment Solutions , have been designed to maintain the fire rating of movement joints or openings penetrated by services encountered in fire rated walls, floors and ceilings.

Fyreflex is a water based acrylic fire rated sealant with excellent acoustic properties and low VOC levels making it an eco-friendly sealing solution. These fire rated sealants fully comply with the Building Code of Australia’s strict requirements for fire and acoustic building materials (S1530 Part 4 and associated acoustic and sound containment).

When combined with other Trafalgar products such as Trafalgar Maxilite fire rated board, Trafalgar Fyreplug fire rated pillows and Trafalgar Fyreset fire rated mortar, Trafalgar Fyreflex fire rated sealants create proven passive fire protection systems to protect buildings from unwanted fires and eliminates the possibility of fire spreading from one part of a building to another.

Key features and benefits of the Fyreflex fire rated sealants include:

  • Excellent adhesion properties enabling adhesion to most common substrates including metal, wood, plasterboard and all types of concrete and masonry
  • Once dry, has excellent water resistant properties
  • Easy to apply and clean up resulting in smooth gun operation and an excellent surface finish
  • Available in both grey and white colours
  • Fire tested in a comprehensive amount of configurations