Toshiba (Australia)  supplies a range of electronic products for the Australian market. The Gigashot series of HDD camcorders from Toshiba (Australia) can store an amazing 55 hours of DVD quality video. The Gigashot series of camcorders features a 10x optical zoom and 12x writing speeds. The Gigashot R30 features a 30 GB HDD and the Gigashot R60 features a 60 GB HDD.

The Gigabeat V30 from Toshiba (Australia) is a portable media centre that offers a vivid 3.5" colour display with a storage capacity of 30 GB and a battery life of around 22 when listening to audio files. Customers can watch full length movies with the Gigabeat V30 and download and listen to music from their favourite artists along with the album art. A number of accessories like the Belkin Mini Stereo Audio Cable and the Belkin Mini Stereo Audio Cable are available for the Gigabeat series from Toshiba (Australia).

The Toshiba Dynadock USB Port Replicator allows a customer to connect all his computer devices with one cable. The Dynadock features six USB Ports, a S/PDIF port, an Ethernet port, one Serial Port, one microphone port, One Headphone or Speaker out port and a DVI-I port.