Titus Tekform Pty Ltd has introduced a new slimline model to their Tekform range of drawers. Known for their smooth and reliable performance, the Tekform family now includes a slimline double wall drawer, designed to optimise storage space while offering a luxury extension to the range.

Presenting a sleek aesthetic, the new Tekform Slimline drawer features the proven Titus damper integrated into the drawer runners, allowing for reliable and consistent soft closing, known as the Titus ‘Confident Close’.

Key features of the Titus Tekform Slimline drawers include choice of seven widths to suit most cabinet styles and sizes; thin side walls lending a clean appearance; ability to extend fully offering easy access to drawer contents; 40kg load capacity; White or Anthracite Grey colour options; customisation options for size, height, rails and organisational inserts; and intuitive and simple dismounting and remounting.

Offering Single Wall, Double Wall and Slimline drawers for kitchen and bathroom projects, the Tekform range comes standard with a lifetime warranty and manufacturer’s guarantee from the European Titus Group. Options are available to suit various rooms and applications, budgets, design aesthetics and preferences.